Launch of 'Stellar' Integrated Internal Vibrators

Excon 2013 | Bengaluru | 20-24 Nov 2013

Advance Vibrators brings to the market yet another indigenous product from their stable- The High Frequency Internal Vibrator (motor-in-head type) with Integrated Frequency Converter.

Bauma Conexpo 2013

5-8 February, 2013 | Mumbai

It was our pleasure to meet and interact with you at the second edition of bC India 2013- A Bauma Conexpo Show, the major event for the Indian construction industry.

Advance Vibrators showcased high frequency concrete vibrators such as motor-in-head internal vibrators, external vibrators and frequency converters.
High frequency internal vibrator 65 mm on frequency converter were also demonstrated in operation. We also displayed a handy motor-in-head internal vibrator.

Thank you for dropping by and having a first hand experience of ADVANCE high frequency concrete vibrators!

Commex Construction Machinery & Materials Expo 2010

December 2010 | Hyderabad

Advance Vibrators received a great response at the Commex show. We showcased high frequency motor-in-head immersion vibrators, concrete vibrators for slip-form pavers and our new line of static frequency converters. Visitors appreciated the technology, quality and finish of our products.

Zero-slump concrete at India's first RCC Dam Project

Ghatghar Hydro Electric Project, Maharashtra

Record Concreting of over 6,50,000 M3 done by Patel Engineering Ltd. by Dam High Frequency Concrete vibrators supplied by us for their use in zero-slump concrete.

This record concreting was done in 12 months at Ghatghar Roller Compacted Concrete Dam project. This is the first project to use the RCC technology in India.

Ghatghar Pumped Storage Scheme is a hydropower generation project constructed by Irrigation Department Govt. of Maharashtra. Total 250 MW power will be produced from this hydro power plant.

Advance Vibrators supplied sixty high frequency motor-in-head immersion vibrators of 75 mm diameter and twelve frequency converters to the Ghatghar project. The initial lot of vibrators were sent to M/s Patel Engineering Ltd. (which was awarded the work of construction of dams) free of cost as they were hesitant in purchasing due to failure of their other company branded high frequency vibrators in zero-slump concrete of the RCC dam. After their usage of Advance Vibrators products and their high satisfaction in performance of new vibrators they placed four high value purchase orders.

New Line of Electronic Frequency Converters runs 20 vibrators at once

New Delhi, India

We, at Advance Vibrators always believe in innovation. Our new line of static frequency converters can run up to twenty high frequency internal and external vibrators or even more if required. The new line of static frequency converters are light weight and save on power than the existing rotary type frequency converters which typically run not more than four numbers of high frequency internal and external vibrators. These frequency converters are very versatile equipment which can run high frequency external vibrators at speeds adjustable by the user. For more information and technical specifications Click Here

Development of Slip-Form Paver Pokers

New Delhi, India

Advance Vibrators Slip-form Paver Poker Vibrators are internal concrete vibrators specially designed to use on slip-form pavers: machines used to make concrete highways, cycle tracks, sidewalks, airport runways, water channels etc. Its high centrifugal force combined with large amplitude realizes excellent concrete compaction, even with low water-cement ratio.

Slip-form Paver Poker vibrators use the high frequency motor-in-head technology and are operated through frequency converter. 
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