For more than five decades

Our rich lineage makes us part of many monumental infrastructure projects India has built. 

Welcome to Advance Vibrators - supplier of light construction equipment specifically concrete vibrators 

A prominent enterprise in the Indian concrete vibrator industry with active supplies to top-notch engineering construction companies, Advance Vibrators stand out by offering customized vibration solutions to the construction industry. We are experts in developing innovative equipment for concrete consolidation and compaction.

For as long as five decades, Advance Vibrators has specialized on electric vibrators for a wide range of construction and industrial applications. This strategic choice has allowed us to invest all our resources – human, planning, and technological – in the development of electric vibrators, enabling us to achieve excellent outcomes in terms of both the quality and reliability of our products.

Specialization has allowed Advance Vibrators to concentrate on the implementation of the various possible applications of electric vibrators in order to more effectively satisfy the needs of our customers, assisting them in the development of new systems and offering them further opportunities for growth.

Advance Vibrators is situated in New Delhi, India. We offer our services worldwide. Our website will offer you an overview and first advice for choosing the desired product. However we invite you to contact us instantly by phone or email if you don’t find the full answer to your questions online.