Based on decades of experience in vibration technology Advance Vibrators provide special solutions for compaction and consolidation of concrete for various applications. Some of the typical applications are in precast plants, concrete sleeper plants, pole factories, Dam construction and slip-form pavers. Some of our special offerings are for the following applications:

  1. CONCRETE SLEEPER FACTORIES - Based on our vast experience and supply to concrete sleeper plants, we have developed special customized vibration solutions to match the application's requirement that increase the productivity and save on electricity consumption.
  2. POLE FACTORIES - We have exclusive package for concrete poles manufacturing units.
  3. SLIP FORM PAVERS - Slip-form pavers, machines used to make concrete highways, cycle tracks, sidewalks, airport runways, water channels etc., use specially designed poker vibrators called slip-form paver poker vibrators that are installed on them in various configurations depending on the requirement.
  4. GANTRY SHUTTERS - Advance Vibrators has developed a complete system for vibration of gantry shutters for tunnel concreting. The vibrators are specially developed for this purpose. They are compact yet powerful vibrators having cradle system connection instead of fixing through nuts and bolts for quick fixing and releasing (QFR) on the moulds.