Advance Vibrators offers one of the widest ranges of external vibrators on the market and also provides technical support to calculate their number and positioning required for the application.

In concrete and precast part plants, electric high-frequency external vibrators are usually the most economical form of concrete consolidation. Their main advantages are the cost-savings they bring by the constant and reproducible consolidation quality they achieve, their flexibility to adapt to the production process, and their facility for automating concrete consolidation.

Also known as Shuttering Vibrators, they are used for concrete industry-compaction, on formwork, shuttering, in concrete sleeper plants, in precast plants- on precast forms, pole factories; and also for flow industry- conveying and sieving, feeder, hopper discharge etc.

Power Type : Electrical
Power Load : Upto 2.0 kW
Operating Voltage : 48-55 V, 3~, 150-200 Hz*
Vibration Frequency : 6000-9000 VPM* 
Centrifugal Force : Eccentric type

*Adjustable frequency option available separately

Frequency Converters for External Vibrators

Operates up to 8 external vibrators simultaneously.

High Speed External Vibrators require Frequency Converters for their operation. Frequency Converters transform standard three phase electric power to special frequency electric power needed for high speed operation of External Vibrators.